Friday, June 6, 2008

Strongbow Paddle Steamer Tug Plans

We keep steaming! But with a paddle steamer tug this time... Here are Strongbow model steam tug plans for you. Plans are really detailed, 64 sheets of plans, photos and german info is included with the files. I'll continue to share my free ship plans collection here. Wait for more...

You can download plans from our new place


HUNSmiley said...

First of all, greate site, with lots of info!
I'm intrested in strongbow, when was it built, where ws it stationed(witch city)!
Thanx a lot!

Tibor from Hungary

Sorry for my bad english

emrak. said...

Thanks for your attention Tibor. I'm still in search about strongbow, but it seems like a Scottish made ship in late 1800's. But these are just a guess.