Saturday, October 18, 2008

Farm passenger ship free plans

Here is a good piece. The plan have a missing part but experienced model makers can complete it by theirselves, and begginers can try too:) There is some info about the ship but it's not in english. I also found the picture below, i'm not sure that its the same ship but looks similar and named KV FARM. Maybe she could be converted to another kind of ship... Please note if you have information...

You can download the plans from our new place

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lochiel Passenger Ship Free Plans

Here is one of the best parts of my free ship plans collection. Lochiel is a british passenger vessel, built in 1939 and scrapped in 1990. There are a single page of plan and some useful photos of her. This lady would be really nice to build.
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More information? Here is a blog just for Lochiel, edited by one of her passengers Steve Cranston. You can read the full story of Lochiel. Thanks Steve...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Hermes" Tugboat Plans

Here is another free ship plan , a beautiful steamer tug Hermes. Seems good for model ship builders, and RC equipment. Plans are large and detailed enough, there's also some info in german, and some photos. Hope you all like this lady.

You can download the plans from our new site WWW.FREESHIPPLANS.COM 

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lilka Pilot Boat Free Plans

Actually i couldn't classificate this boat but it seems to be a pilot boat. The plan is a single sheet and seems easy for model ship builders. Photo is taken from

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You can download the plans from our new place

Thursday, August 21, 2008

ROBT. E. LEE Missisipi Steamer Plans

After a long time, i'm back again. I had some health problems, i couldn't give attention to the blog. Anyways, i'm back...

You can find the info about Robt. E. Lee by clicking here.

The plans are 2 sheets of TIF files.

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You can download the plans from our new place

Sunday, July 13, 2008

small steamboat plans

I try to continue to publish more free ship plans here. This time, the new one is a small steamboat. i couldnt find a similar photo for this ship plan, but if you're interested in small steamboats, i bet you'll like it. so here you go...


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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here is a 2 sailed yatch plan for you. Another model ship plan from Cemil Akçe, a retired machine construction painter and a ship modeller. The yatch looks like the one in the picture.The plan is in tiff format.
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the picture is taken from

You can download the plan from our new place .

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Klimek Tugboat Plans

You can visit to download the plans.

This plan is really perfect for model ship building. The plans are really detailed and they are just for modelling hobby. Everything is almost ready. 
There is also some info in Polish. It's not usefull for all languages yet, but you can try google translate . Enjoy building!
PS: I love you google :) 
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Russian Tugboat Plans

Here is a different type of tugboat plans. İ think this lady seems to be designed for rivers, cause as you see, she has a little depth and a curved desingn at the aft around propeller. Also rudder is designed as them. I'll go on sharing free model ship plans. please keep supporting...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thanks Andy!

Here i want to thank my German friend Andreas Friedrich for his support and friendship. It's great to know you're there Andy!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mistral Type Yatch

Here is a perfect boat plan for modellers. Mistral type motor yacht. Plans are designed for ship modelling , so everything is really clear. And for example , frames are sketched in the minimum area method which allows you to simply lay the plan on wood and just cut them out without thinking the usage of the wood. The boat is not the same with the picture but a similar, same type boat. Wait for more...
The picture is taken from

You can download plans from our new site
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Holland Yacht Plans

Here another well known yacht type, Holland yacht for you. I couldn't find a picture for this but i found plans of same tipe for sale . Guess how much... over 20... So i think i deserve some support ha? This plan is from a Turkish modeller site , drawn by Cemil Akçe, a ship modeller and retired machine construction painter. I want to thank him...

Download Plans

GÜZELHİSAR bosphorus ferry plans (tiff)

And here is one of the best ships in my archive. Güzelhisar.

She was built in 1911 by R&W Hawthorn Leslie& CoLd in NewCastle England. She had a sister named "Kalender" . The owner of the ship was Seyr-i Sefain İdaresi which was the bosphorus ferry company of Istanbul , Turkiye. She had 970 passenger capability in summer and 790 in winter. She was 46.41 Meters long and 7.95 meters wide and she was a double screw, tripple expantion steam engined ferry. Served between 1911-1986 ,after retirement turkish businesman Rahmi Koç bought her to restore but nobody heard about the restoration after that. She was the last ship of seyr-i sefain idaresi. (Then company named Denizcilik İşletmeleri).

Many of the old bosphorus ships are scrapped, sold for converting to restaurants/hotels or retired and waiting for their destiny. The last valueable one is a 1961 clyde built steamer ferry waiting in Haliç. Their engines are known as the highest level in steam technology, that never used in ferries before or after them. whatever...

EDIT: Last Glasgow fairfields built steamer, and the last steamer of Turkey S/S Teğmen Ali İhsan Kalmaz is scrapped :( When will we learn to care about our past?

Hope everyone downloaded this plans starts to build this beauty, i couldn't catch her working time but it would be nice to see people building her...

You can download the plans from our new place


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Jersey Yacht Plans

Here is a well known yacht type "jersey" plans for you. A single sheet plan, a little bit complex but easier to build. All frames are given in the shape...
photo is taken from
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Friday, June 6, 2008

Granit anchor handling Tug Plans

Larger, stronger... I think Granit is a salvage and anchor handling tug. There are 9 sheets of free ship plans and some photos. This lady would be great with rc equipment. I can imagine she is towing rowboats:)

You can download the plans from our new place

Photo is taken from
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Strongbow Paddle Steamer Tug Plans

We keep steaming! But with a paddle steamer tug this time... Here are Strongbow model steam tug plans for you. Plans are really detailed, 64 sheets of plans, photos and german info is included with the files. I'll continue to share my free ship plans collection here. Wait for more...

You can download plans from our new place

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Heringsdorf German Cargo Ship Plans (jpeg)

A great type of dutch coaster. This coastal cargo ship Heringsdorf had 15 sister ships.
They were:

Construction began in 1955 and ended in 1957. The last launched ship was Heringsdorf. And i think these 8 sheets are great free model cargo ship plans to build. But i think they need some action before printing. If anybody prints it, please share the result.

You can download plans from our new area

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Consul Pust Steamer German Fishing Vessel Plans

Here is an old lady, born in 20's... A Steamer fishing ship plans for you to download. 12 sheets of plans, they are all good, detailed plans.
photo is taken from

You can download the plans from our new place WWW.FREESHIPPLANS.COM
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Dr.Ing. Sander Fireboat Plans 1/50 jpeg

Wanna build a different ship model? Here is something that can take your attention. German fireboat Dr. Ing. Sander free model ship plans. 16 sheets of clear blueprints in jpeg. Also there are some photos about details in sheets. Happy building...
photo is taken from

You can download the plans from our new place
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Kutter" German Fishing Vessel plans (jpeg)

Here another free model building plan for you.
German Fishing Vessel , known as Kutter. 8 sheets seperate plans and 2 sheets german info. Ship's plans seems to be good for building.
The Ship is similar with the picture at left.
picture is taken from

You can download the plans from our new place
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More will come...

I'll continue to share my free model ship plan collection with you here. There are nearly 50 more plans and blueprints to be shared and some documents too. And i think this area will grow with your support.
Hope to provide you a helpful environment...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Calypso Research Vessel Plans (Jacques Cousteau's ship)

Here is the famous research ship all of us know. Jacques Yves Cousteau's "Calypso". There is also some german info with it.

Photo from

Calypso was originally a wooden-hulled minesweeper built for the British
Royal Navy by the Ballard Marine Railway Company of Seatle, Washington, USA. She was a BYMS (British Yard Minesweeper) Mark 1 Class Motor Minesweeper, laid down on 12 August 1941 with the yard designation BYMS-26 and launched on 21 March 1942. She was commissioned into the Royal Navy in February 1943 as HMS J-826 and assigned to active service in the Mediterranean Sea, reclassified as BYMS-2026 in 1944, laid up at Malta and finally struck from the Naval Register in 1947.
World War II she became a ferry between Malta and the island of Gozo, and was renamed after the nymph Calypso, whose island of Ogygia was mythically associated with Gozo.
The Irish millionaire and former
MP Thomas Loel Guinness bought Calypso in 1950 and leased her to Cousteau for a symbolic one franc a year. Cousteau restructured and transformed her into an expedition vessel and support base for diving, filming and oceanographic research.

You Can download the plans from our new place WWW.FREESHIPPLANS.COM

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ares Tugboat Plans PNG zip

photos are taken from

Here is a strong tugboat for you. The plans are really detailed and helpful. There is also some info about it but in a different language, i don't know which country it belongs to. Please note me if you know it.

downnload plans 6MB 6 sheets

download info 10MB (dont know the language)

MIS sailing yatch model for 1/1 printing jpeg

Here we have a nice sailing boat plans, it's for 1/1 printing. It seems good for building...

You can click on images to view and download in original size

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saint Charles Tug Plans 1/35 jpeg

Here is a steamer tug Saint Charles' plans. Large size and clear picture. Seems perfect for ship model builders...

You can click on pictures to view and download in original size

Lochinvar Clyde Puffer Plans

Clyde Puffers were small coastal cargo ships used in west coast of scotland to carry goods between islands through canals... Puffers had steam engines and the "Puffer" name came from the sound of the old steam engines. With the improvement in steam technology, they no more puffed but the name standed still... You can find more info on internet about puffers, especially about the "Vital Spark"
I built a small one from this plan by printing it on A4 paper, it has no scale information, so we can say that you're a little bit free on it...

You can visit to download the plans.